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Project Development

Our team will help you to develop your project from A to Z. 

Contact us directly for more information on how Karoo Solar can help get your Project off the Ground.

Project Management

Karoo Solar offers our clients project management service's.

Contact the Karoo Solare team for more information.

Technical Services

Our team can perform on site diagnostics of your PV and CPV panels helping you as our client maximize your PV plant's efficiency and improve your power plants performance. 

Some of the additional site services we offer include:

- Commissioning Quality Control

- IV Curve testing

- Test Reports

- Thermal Imaging Inspections

- Engineering

- Procurement

- Upgrades to existing infrastructre

- Construction 

- Warranty Claim inspection Reports

- Insurance Claim inspection Reports

Operations and Maintenance Services

Karoo Solar can offer our clients an Operations and Maintenance programme for their PV Plants

Some of the Basic O&M services include:

- Solar Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning

- Inspections

- Diagnostics 

- Repairs 

- Inverter support

- Monitoring

- Balance of Plant Maintenance 

International Services

Karoo Solar offers services outside of South Africa, with our Team having worked in countries such as Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique.  

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